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Have you tried a Probiotic?

DyfloGEST 30tabs by RejuvaWe no longer carry Dyflogest

If you have stomach troubles the solution may be a GREAT PROBIOTIC We suggest you try florALiV Probiotic

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Dietary Supplement. Fix Digestive Health Troubles.

While a whopping 70 million Americans suffer from gas, bloating, constipation, nausea, cramps, IBS, acid reflux, diarrhea and other intestinal woes, people from Eastern Europe rarely have digestive and bathroom problems, despite their diet of heavy comfort foods and luscious pastries!

What's Their Secret?

It's NOT a probiotic, colon cleanse or laxative. It's called DyfloGest, and it's based on a 300-year-old European remedy along with decades of intense scientific research. DyfloGest works in three ways to revitalize your damaged digestive tract fast.
  • It flushes your colon of fecal buildup, by stimulating peristalsis and relieving you of your worst digestive symptoms in just days.
  • It triggers your liver to make vital digestive juices to break down food and fats in your stomach. The result is easier bowel movements, less gas and indigestion.
  • Strengthens and repairs your stomach, your liver and your intestines, all three digestive zones so your symptoms don't come back!
Natural Digestive Healer from Eastern Europe Now Available in America!

After World War II, drugs were too expensive for many in war-ravaged Eastern Europe. Food that was available was nutritionally poor and hard to digest. As a result, most people were dealing with upset stomachs, bouts of constipation and diarrhea, indigestion, irritable bowel and other digestive problems.

But fortunately, these people had a secret weapon: a 300-year-old herbal recipe from the flesh of the black radish! Unlike small red radishes, the Black Radish is much larger and more pungent. It also contains a powerful extract that works miracles for all kinds of digestive woes.

Now you can experience the same digestion miracle here in America, thanks to DyfloGest. It contains Black Radish extract plus three additional ingredients that let you continue to eat your favorite foods without "paying for it" later!

Four Powerful Nutrients Help Reset Your Digestion Safely and Naturally

DyfloGest Secret #1: Black Radish. Black radish contains a phytochemical that stimulates your liver to produce more bile. It also promotes the flow of bile to your stomach to help neutralize excess stomach acid. Rich in fiber, black radish speeds up your digestion, relieving constipation and colon back-up. The black radish extract in DyfloGest´┐Ż is from a high quality source located in Eastern Europe; it's not the cheaper, less powerful Asian form found in other supplements.

DyfloGest Secret #2: Artichoke. The Ancient Greeks and Romans prized artichoke as an effective digestive aid. Today, we know that Artichoke contains cynarin, which stimulates secretion of bile and digestive juices from the liver and the gallbladder. It also helps detoxify the liver.

DyfloGest Secret #3: Artemisia. Also known as wormwood, Artemisia acts as a natural antiseptic. It helps ward off microbes, bad bacteria and even such parasites as hookworms and pinworms. Artemisia also supports overall liver and gallbladder health.

DyfloGest Secret #4: Peppermint. Peppermint has a centuries-old track record for relieving nausea, diarrhea, flatulence and an upset stomach. It also helps relax muscles in the GI tract. High in Vitamins C and A, Peppermint also is a rich source of fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids.

DyfloGest Strengthens Your Digestive Tract from Top to Bottom
  • Triggers more bile production to breakdown and digest fats and proteins better
  • Improves your liver function
  • Corrects your pancreatic pH level to make more digestive enzymes
  • Normalizes excess stomach acid for less heartburn
  • Promotes easy, regular bowel movements
  • Stops mild diarrhea and irritable bowels
  • Decreases bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines for less bloating and gas
  • Helps drive parasites such as hookworms, pinworms and more out of your body

Stop using Calcium Carbonate

People who use Calcium Carbonate to help relieve acid reflux or gas problems, you may be hurting your self and enabling your colon. Products that have Calcium Carbonate (Tums, Rolaid) are used as an antacid, but what many people don't realize is that some acid is needed for proper digestion. Calcium Carbonate blocks the acid from entering into the colon which leads to the colon not being able to break down as well because it needs some acid to process food. If the Colon is not able to process food, you are not getting the nutrients that is offered from the food that you are eating. if you are using Calcium Carbonate as a calcium supplement we recommend that you try a calcium tablet instead.

Dyflogest will gradually help your colon and digestive tract to get back to normal. Dyflogest uses natural ingredients to help boost colon health and can help aid in weight loss and overall health.

Eating healthy is a difficult thing with an active life style. When people decide to eat junk food their body can actually begin to slow down, and it will speed up the aging process. Taking Dyflogest with each meal may help decrease the negative side affects of junk food, and can help the natural process of proper digestion.
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