Testing & Detox Products by Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs has been manufacturing the World's Best Nicotine Masking Products since 1992. In that time we've helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world protect their privacy by enabling them to pass a nicotine test. Random nicotine testing and pre-employment nicotine screens affect practically every worker in the United States and is so poorly regulated that even nicotine-free workers taking over-the-counter medications can test positive falsely and lose their job. Here at Spectrum Labs our motto is "Live Positive Test Negative" and our nicotine masking products will help you pass any nicotine test.
B Oops, you did it again, you naughty thing! Just one little bit of something you shouldn't have taken and now you're facing the possibility of taking a drug test and losing your job or sports title if you test positive. So now what are you going to do?

The same problem can face you even if you haven't been a naughty boy or girl. It's possible to test positive for banned drugs even if you haven't been anywhere near them. The classic case here is testing positive for heroine or opium after all you've done is overindulge in poppy seed bagels or rolls. But you know that the boss isn't going to swallow that one'

It's also possible to fail a drug test if you're taking regular prescription or over-the-counter medications. But drug testing is becoming more and more common in the workplace and you don't want to lose your job just because you've got a false positive reading.

Spectrum Labs can help with all these problems with their detoxification products. These detox products will help you sail through any drug test scot free, no mater which of the three scenarios above fits your situation: medications, poppy seed bagels or a sneaky bit of 'wacky baccy'. Whether your workplace drug test is going to inflict hair testing, urine testing or saliva testing on you, Spectrum Labs has a product to get you through the test.

And to make sure that you do pass the test, you can give yourself a drug test before the real one just to make sure that you test clean. Spectrum Labs sells home drug testing kits.

Not you? You haven't touched anything, not even a poppy seed bagel? Well, the detoxification teas and other general detoxification and cleansing products from Spectrum Labs can be used to flush any toxins out of your system. And that's got to be good for your health. Many people take a course of detoxification as a preliminary step in a new weight loss or fitness regime, and these herbal teas and other detox supplements and systems are a great place to start.

And Spectrum Lab's home drug testing kit can also be part of your anti-drug campaign if you've got teenagers and you're worried about them doing drugs. Don't forget that you can use the home drug testing kits to settle any suspicions (or confirm them). Just don't let your teenager at the other Spectrum Labs products before the test, as they are very effective at making anyone test negative.

But after the test is over, can you think of a better way of getting rid of even the last traces of whatever noxious substance you (or your teenager) has been weak enough to let into your system? Spectrum Lab will get rid of drug traces from the urine, hair and saliva.